Saturday, 15 January 2011

My new set up and a cruel discovery

So I finaly got my new lens and Im very happy with it. Only just used it for photography yet but I have a good feeling about it. Since my old Iphone isn't very fit for taking photographs I had to borrow another image of my new lens.
It's a bit heavy but has a robust feel. More of that in later posts. Being as excited as a kid on christmas I did some research on what I would use the camera for. A Vimeo account later I found Final cut pro's Optical flow; A kind of super slow motion. I even dreamed up a short using it but then reality hit me square in the face. 

While my old Mac book pro is strong enough to edit movies it isn't even close to being able to handle any extra straineous editing at all; Like processing Optical flow. That mean I have to go on a hunt for a facility that has that capacity and until then I have to stick to old "boring" storytelling with people talking and stuff.

That's all for now and I'l be in touch.


  1. Just make sure you don't waste precious time hunting for holy equipment grails. Time should be spent behind the camera, storytelling ;-)

  2. Reluctantly I have to agre with you Teach. I have moved on but my eyes are still open for finding a computer to do my crunching on.