Monday, 18 April 2011

Finaly a project

As a member of Vimeo I regulary browse their page for new and inspiring shorts. There are many I can tell you but sometimes one pops out. Not because it is better than the rest but because it inspire me.

To inspire me a short need to fill certain criterias.It has to be good but not too good. I need to feel that it would be in my reach if I just worked harder (I have a great imagination). And it has to be the kind of flick that falls within a category that I realisticaly can make.

This clip that I stumbled upon a few days back fit the bill:

Opsin from Ivan Villafuerte on Vimeo.

It is well made with a great look and atmosphere. Julst love the smooth black and white. It Immediately felt like 'this was something I could do' so I wrote down my ideas and has now set my goal; to make my own presentation of my hometown Karlstad. A good start to get to know my new camera and to do some editing without involving anyone else but me.

So how do I make my own?
Based on the above clip all you need it this (sound soo easy)
- Static camera
- A good song that creates the right atmosphere
- A city
- No 'proper' sound so I can be alone doing it
- No actors

Why haven't I done this before then I hear you ask in a somewhat mocking tone... Well to tell you the truth friend, I'm lazy.

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